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My debut novel, The Broken Heart, is now available!

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Casey Philips has it all: a deadbeat husband, a psychopathic son, a beautiful newborn daughter, and catastrophic heart failure necessitating an organ transplant. When a serial killer becomes an unexpected organ donor, Casey gets a heart and a new lease on life.

But dark dreams plague the disgruntled housewife – visions of places she’s never been, chasing women she’s never met. Sometimes, Casey wakes up outside her kids’ rooms without realizing how she got there – knife in hand.

How far will a mother with a newly acquired taste for vengeance go to right the wrongs of an abusive husband, an increasingly violent son, and even her own sins? Only the heart knows what it truly wants.


The Broken Heart is a fast-paced and inventive horror thriller – tightly plotted, brutal, and woven with humor. N.J. Gallegos sets her work apart with her medical expertise, sharp wit, and willingness to get as gross as horror fans could want, while spinning a riveting thriller that will satisfy fans of both genres. Strap in, because this ride doesn’t stop till the very last page.” – Laurel Hightower, author of Crossroads and Below


This just in! The Broken Heart was named in the Horror Fiction Top 25 October 2023 Edition!

– Check it out here! I nearly threw up with excitement because I’m on the same list as my idol, Stephen King!

My newest work, It’s Me, Hi, I’m the Zombie, it’s Me, is ready for prime time! Inspired by a fateful work in Pittsburgh at StokerCon, the story follows a group of StokerCon attendees and Swifties that must band together to fight the Undead. Don’t forget the glitter or baseball bat.

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“Blood! Guts! Glitter! Humor and extreme horror meet head-on in this riotous tale of zombies and clashing fandoms. The apocalypse has never been so much fun!” – Bram Stoker Award-Winning author Tim Waggoner

“Wonder what happens when thousands of Swifties come running headlong at hundreds of horror writers in the Steel City, Hell with the Lid Off? ‘Course you do. ZOMBIE OUTBREAK. This is not a drill. These things really happen, if only in Pittsburgh. Desperate romance. Gruesome delights. Karma dance the night away or battle for your life? Take it from someone who was there: we came together and made peace to shred zombie butt. We’re the survivors and this is our tale.” – Bram Stoker Award Nominee author Douglas Gwilym

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