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– Author, Sam Szanto (amazing in her own right) featured me on her blog here:

– That one time I was The Alien Buddha’s Artist of the Month:

– Interview with Lionel Ray Green:

– Interview with Fanbase Press:

– Interview with Gwendolyn Kiste in her fabulous fall fiction round table:



– Lionel Ray Green:

– Rachel Schommer from Uncomfortably Dark Horror:

– John Watson from Horror Book R&R:

– Christine Morgan:

– Devin Shea from Reedsy:

– Sherry Fundin at fundinmental:

– Drema Dearaich:

– fuonlyknew:

– Tasha Reynolds with thesinisterscoop:

– John Watson:

– Christina Pfieffer (5/5 and a highly, highly recommend no less!):



Would You Die? Podcast with Austin Torres. We chat about Gabriel from Malignant, The Broken Heart, and become best friends… then bitter enemies.

Skull Sessions with Dan Henk.

Horror From The High Desert with Scotty Milder. We chat about how the San Luis Valley (where I grew up) is a hotbed of alien activity, discuss the Splatterpunk genre, and touch on one of my favorite movies, American Mary.

Devilish Bookworms. Sorry folks, you don’t get to hear my voice on this one but the gals chat about The Broken Heart (tossing in plenty of swear words which you know I love).

Scream Kings Podcast. Nathaniel J Darkish (which is like one of the coolest names ever) chats with me about the film We Need to Talk About Kevin starring Tilda Swinton and Ezra Miller about a mother’s relationship with her sociopathic song and how it relates to The Broken Heart.

Scream Kings Podcast. If you haven’t heard the good news… I am the third co-host of this lovely podcast and here is my inaugural episode as such!

Scream Kings Podcast. We discuss my novella, It’s Me, Hi, I’m the Zombie, it’s Me and Zombieland, one of the best horror comedies of all time! Remember… always double tap.

Scream Kings Podcast. We tackle No One Will Save You, an extraterrestrial home invasion thriller with almost no dialogue. Then Nathaniel becomes Jigsaw and makes me play a game (essentially two truths and a lie, B-movie style).

We Bleed Orange and Black Podcast. We chat about why I was scarred by dolls as a child, favorite Halloween memories and of course: The Broken Heart!

The Panic Room Radio Show with Xtina and James. We discuss the merits of our favorite curse words and banter about adorable snakes:

Between Authors Podcast with Adrian Lopez, my spooky brother from another mother. We love werewolves, zombies, and everything in between:

Between Authors Podcast with Adrian Lopez. A special Halloween episode where we discuss our top 5 favorite movies in these genres: vampire, werewolf, slasher, possession, zombie.

Cutthroat Queens Podcast. I didn’t get to harass each host, but did gab with Elton Skelter. We chat murderous children and I do a passable British accent:

Historians At The Movies with Jason Herbert. We discuss Flatliners for about 10 minutes but it mostly devolves into Star Wars chat.

The Dark Mind Podcast with Vince Midgard. Join us while we chat medicine, The Broken Heart, and where all the bodies are buried.



-Pride 2023, my short story Safe Harbor, was featured on Alien Buddha Press’ WordPress site here:

-My short story, The Fruits of her Labor, and winning piece of The Alien Buddha’s Horror Showdown 2022 can be found here:

-Spotlight on Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires:

The Malevolent Dark named The Broken Heart in their Horror Fiction Top 25! I nearly passed out:

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