Short Stories

Wonder where the other organs went? See for yourself!

See No Evil

When accidents happen, loved ones die while the survivors live in agony. Helena suffered for years in darkness until a corneal transplant restored her sight. Soon, she will discover vision isn’t a blessing. It’s a curse.

Trigger Warnings: Body horror, death

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Fatal Cravings

Since surgery, Seth has suffered from insatiable cravings. For something fresh. Raw. And his date tonight?  She looks good enough to eat. 

Trigger Warnings: Gore, cannibalism

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No Skin in the Game

After a biking accident, Nadia’s wounds become infected, requiring a donor skin graft. The doctors say the maddening itching is expected, but Nadia knows it’s something more… It’s time to take matters into her own hands.

Trigger Warnings: Body horror, self-harm, suicide, gore

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