Happy Christmas

This has been a great year, for the most part, for the fam. We worked hard and played hard.

May sucked a big one because we lost our handsome boy, Epic, but he still lives on in our hearts (and also haunts the house but in a good way).

Epic’s absence left a hole in our hearts so we filled it with our newest addition, Cat Bane!

Theodore had to have surgery on his bladder and he’s fully recovered and adorable as ever.

In September the love of my life accompanied me to Hawaii and we tied the knot! And I have to say, I like being a wife. It’s fancy.

We’ve missed Nico for two years but since this is Christmas and all, I would be remiss if I didn’t include this photo:

I appreciate you all being so supportive of my goals and dreams and this next year is shaping up to be even better! Happy Holidays, Merry Chrysler, and have a blessed Toyotathon all!

Make good decisions these next few weeks… or else some psychopath looking like this might show up to intubate you:

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  1. Merry Christmas njgallegos!! Great news letter for 2022! Of course the best part was you officially becoming my niece! ❤️❤️

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