January Updates

Happy New Year or as my phone likes to autocorrect: Happy New Yeet!

I’m currently in the midst of edits of my upcoming novel The Broken Heart. Getting pretty excited to share my story with you all!

Earlier in the month I went to Chicago to meet up with a Twitter friend, The Dragon Doc. Not only does she have great taste in beer, but she’s freaking awesome. If you enjoy humor, fantasy, and medicine, she’s your gal! Visit her site and sign up for her newsletter. By doing so, you will also receive a free copy of her novelette Squeaky Hatchling. https://thedragondoc.com/

On my vocal account, I recently posted a story that involves a husband who pushes his wife over the edge with his obnoxious eating. Give it a read, give it a like, and share with your friends (especially if they’re sickos like me). https://vocal.media/horror/an-eye-for-an-eye-cb5gbm01gr

I’ve recently watched some great movies.

The Menu: Absolutely fantastic. Ralph Fiennes as the head chef plays the role perfectly, intense and a bit psychotic. If there wasn’t murder involved, I would totally attending one of his tastings. This movie is the perfect blend of thriller/horror and humor. Multiple times I laughed out loud. 9/10, would recommend.

Don’t Worry Darling: I went into this one blind with no clue as to what it was about. All I knew about it was Olivia Wilde was directing (loved Booksmart), Florence Pugh starred in it (adored her in Midsommar), and there was a lot of tabloid fodder surrounding the filming. Adored the 1950s aesthetic that makes one nostalgic for “better days” but… things are never what they seem, are they? Very much The Stepford Wives meets Black Mirror. 8/10.

The Man in the High Castle: Just started season three today. As someone who is obsessed with WW2 history, this is my wet dream. It shows an alternative dystopian history in which the Axis powers persevered in WW2. The United States is split up between Germany (the eastern half) and Japan (the western half) with a neutral zone in The Rocky Mountains. The Resistance (composed of freedom fighters who oppose the Nazi Reich and the Empire of Japan) are collecting newsreels that show a different history where America won the war… and these films may be the key to toppling both powers.

I read the book some time ago and enjoyed it but this series is next level. 10/10

May the rest of your January be delightful and stay tuned for more news!

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