May Day May Day!

Happy May! Many great things are happening in my world.

I’ve had some new works published: One of my absolute favorite stories to write was published in Hellbound Books’ Anthology of Splatterpunk, featuring a physician who exacts gory revenge on bad men. Not for the faint of heart. Go here to purchase your copy and admire my twisted mind.

My latest novella, Just Desserts debuted with Black Hare Press. This was one of my first works! Another delightful tale combining my favorite things: revenge, toxicology, and tiramisu. Come get a taste.

Just this last week, I submitted my FINAL, completely edited manuscript for my upcoming, debut novel The Broken Heart. It was a labor of love. This being my first novel, I was amazed at the amount of time and effort it took for the finished product. When I thought I was finished editing… I wasn’t finished editing. But I’m thrilled with the end results. And this cover… it’s absolutely phenomenal. The novel will be available in Fall 2023.

Coming up in June, I will be attending my first StokerCon in Pittsburgh (also my first time visiting this lovely city). Even more wild? I’m going to be taking part of a PANEL! Make No Mistake About It-How To Avoid Medical Mistakes In Your Writing. I’ll be chatting about a variety of topics including poisonings and how to get away with murder. Hopefully I’ll see you there in person but if not, you can purchase virtual tickets here:

In family news, Cat Bane had his first year vet check up, weighing in at 11.5 pounds and is worm free!

May the force be with you all!

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  1. Angelic face, twisted mind. Sounds about right. Congrats on the website. I like it. Lots of space. Roomy. And congrats on Cat Bane’s good health. May he not turn out to be an eldritch god biding his time to sunder the universe. Probably be a good idea not to rub his belly, tho. Just sayin’.

    1. Thanks my friend! I appreciate it. And Cat Bane might be an eldritch god but the best thing about him… he LOVES belly rubs!

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