And just like that, it’s June.

Big things are afoot!

Thus far, I’ve secured slots on two podcasts.

Sometime in August (date to-be-announced), I’ll be appearing on Historians At The Movies to promote my novel and chat about a medically-themed movie. Check out the podcast, it’s amazing! One of my favorite episodes? Where they discuss the film, Carrie.

I’ll also be appearing on Plot Pit, September 21st. So stoked to chat about my book, writing, and whatever else we fancy Take a gander!

Just today, I received the amazing news that I scored a runner-up placing on a Vocal challenge. I’ve submitted many pieces to their challenges and this is the first one that hit the big time! It’s a story I’m very proud of… even if it’s a bit twisted. Read it here!

Since The Broken Heart is finished and currently in the production stages, I’ve started working on the second draft of my second novel which follows a neurologist, Dr. Aldea Absinthe, who has discovered a way of curing migraines by implanting chips in her patients’ brains. But things… are not quite what they seem.

Stay tuned, because I will be unveiling the cover of The Broken Heart later and guys… I’m so happy with it. It makes the medical horror fiend inside of me so happy.

And yesterday, the muse struck me so please enjoy this sketch of my boy Theodore.

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