It’s July!

July and you know what that means! Less than three months before The Broken Heart debuts on September 19th! Pre-order your copy now, so you can have it in hand on the 20th.

Paperback pre-order on Amazon:

Kindle pre-order on Amazon:

Soon, I plan on releasing the first of three short stories related to The Broken Heart, involving other organs transplanted from the same serial killer. I’ll share that link when it’s available and trust me, you don’t won’t to miss these!

I have one podcast (Twisted Tendrils: Horrific Writing Advice with Laura Nettles) in the books and will share it when it’s all edited and posted. We had a great time chatting about medical horror, writing, and my upcoming novel. Laura shares wonderful advice that I’ve personally found super helpful too. I’m currently in the midst of reading her book, Tiny Shivers which is packed with micro-fiction and if you’re a lover of the macabre and cosmic horror, you’ll love it!

Listen to her podcast here on your preferred streaming service:

And get her book here (free if you have Kindle Unlimited):

Coming up?

I have the pleasure of appearing on a few other podcasts and will share the links once they’re up. But in the meantime, if you’d like to give their podcasts a listen…

Skull Sessions with Dan Henk:

Historians at the Movies where I’ll be chatting about a great medical horror film, Flatliners:

The Bloody Good Reads podcast where I’ll be chatting about my favorite books:

Horror from the High Desert where we’ll chat about the underrated horror flick, American Mary:

Scream Kings podcast:

And with any luck, more!

Book Review:

Recently had the pleasure to read a few books.

Azalea House by fellow Winding Road Stories Publications author, Clare Castleberry. A gothic horror novel set in the 90s in Louisiana, following a family who live in Azalea House, a sprawling manor with sinister secrets. For those who enjoy a good haunting, atmospheric vibes, and a touch of V.C. Andrews (you know what I mean)… this one is for you! Find it here:

The Last Night to Kill Nazis by David Agranoff. I was lucky enough to get an ARC at StokerCon since this one won’t be out until August 15th but I absolutely loved it. As someone who loves historical fiction, this novel follows a group of Allied soldiers desperate to stop high-ranking Nazis from escaping justice after Hitler’s death. The Allies’ secret weapon? A Nazi-hating vampire, of course. Pre-order it now:

That’s all folks! For now.

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