August 17th, 2023

Hello germs and gents!

Soon, I’ll be dropping the second standalone short story related to The Broken Heart so make sure you subscribe to my newsletter… wouldn’t want you to miss a chilling good time!

Speaking of The Broken Heart… have you pre-ordered your copy yet???


This last week, I recorded with the illustrious Austin Torres for the Would You Die? podcast. We had fun giving each other shit and I haven’t laughed that hard for awhile. We might be best friends now, no big deal. We talked Malignant and this is not a discussion that you want to miss! My episode will release later in the month but you can listen to old episodes while you’re waiting for my beautiful voice.

Other podcasts forthcoming.

Is it time for another Book Roundup??? Sure is!

Merciless Waters by Rae Knowles

I was lucky enough to nab an ARC of this novella and Knowles doesn’t disappoint! If you’re into Sapphic pirates, murder, and a cool sea serpent, this is the story for you! A diverse cast of women crew the ship Scylla and on their travels, come across a man adrift. Once he’s brought aboard, relationships are shaken and even worse? The women start having memories of before

Preorder your copy today:

Losing Sam by Nicole Maser

Yes, another lesbian romance book. My wife read it first and couldn’t stop raving about it so naturally, I had to read it for myself. Jess, a senior in high school, is a busy bee between applying for college, playing lacrosse, and schoolwork. In an effort to get a leg up on the competition, she begins volunteering for an addiction clinic and meets Sam. Indifference becomes friendship and as Jess learns more about Sam, she begins to fall for her too. Maser writes believable romance and the tension had me a nervous wreck.

Order your copy here:

The Locked Door by Freida McFadden

Love me some Freida McFadden. Like myself, she is a doctor turned author (way more successful than me… so far) and she writes captivating stories. Nora is an accomplished surgeon and… the daughter of a serial killer with a very specific type and M.O. Her father has been in prison for years and when women start turning up… dead… bearing the hallmarks of his kills, all eyes are on Nora.

Order your copy here:

Surburban Monsters by Christopher Hawkins

This is a collection of thirteen short stories of the hidden horrors we often don’t realize are occurring in our town, neighborhood, or even next door. I enjoyed each story and always love a collection of short stories to read before bed. Hawkins’ style of writing is awesome and I’ll be picking up more of his work for sure.

Order your copy here:

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