I Hear You Like Podcasts?

Don’t worry, I’m a doctor and I have the perfect prescription for you!

Would You Die? with Austin Torres

Before the episode, we bonded over Star Wars and our shared love for Boba Fett, becoming instant best friends. The guest gets to pick the horror movie and/or character they’d like to discuss and since I’m a Malignant fan-girl, I picked Gabriel. Tangents abound and I made a mortal enemy when I called Austin a band geek. But you have to admit; it would be super wicked if he could play Wonderwall on the trumpet.

Listen to it here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/would-you-die-a-horror-movie-podcast/id1606831825?i=1000625385487

Skull Session with Dan Henk

Dan is one cool dude. An amazingly talented artist in his own right; art, tattoos, writing, you name it. We talk about medical horror and how often, real life informs horror… especially as an Emergency Medicine Physician.

Listen to it here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/skull-session-with-dan-henk/id1655220035?i=1000625441640

Horror From The High Desert with Scotty Milder

Weirdly enough, Scotty went to college in my hometown; a place renowned for its UFO activity. We talk about our close encounters before shifting gears and chatting about one of my favorite films: American Mary. In this film, gifted but penniless medical student, Mary, gets involved in performing surgeries for the body modification community. Lured to a party with attending and professors, Mary is assaulted. The perpetrators don’t get off cheap though… you know how I love a vengeful woman. And of course, we talk about The Broken Heart as well as the Splatterpunk genre.

Listen to it here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/horror-from-the-high-desert/id1686537767?i=1000625700264

Just yesterday, I recorded a great episode of Scream Kings. Nathaniel J. Darkish not only has a cool name, but is a cool dude. He suggested the movie: We Need to Talk About Kevin after reading The Broken Heart and I totally understand why! I will post the episode when it’s released.

Check out his review of The Broken Heart too:

What else have I been up to?

Decided to jump back into my second novel about a neurologist who invents inhibiting chips that cure migraines. The side effects thought? They can be murder (insert evil cackle). Very happy with the direction it’s taking.

It’s Me, Hi, I’m The Zombie, It’s Me

My novella, It’s Me, Hi, I’m The Zombie, It’s Me, with Alien Buddha Press will be dropping October 5th. My weekend at StokerCon was enlightening for a variety of reasons. I met cool people, went to panels, and reveled in the atmosphere. And the dichotomy between the StokerCon folks and the Swifties in town? Epic. And in this tale, they must work together to defeat The Undead, who have a curious Achille’s heel.

What have I been reading?

In preparation for the Bloody Good Reads podcast, I’m rereading Tender is the Flesh by Agustina Bazterrica and Creature by John Saul.

Tender is the Flesh (I had to go with that Spanish cover, how badass is that?) is a dystopian horror story in a world where to eat meat is a death sentences. At least, that’s what the government says. No more cows, horses, sheep, pets; for fear that humans will contract their deadly virus. The solution to the no meat problem? Special meat. Made from humans, specifically for the purpose of slaughter and consumption. A bleak but amazingly written book. Bazterrica describes what humans endure: those being slaughtered and those doing the slaughtering, in such a clinical, detached way, that it adds to evil contained within this novel. I think about this book quite a bit.

Creature is a book I’ve reread so many times, having discovered it on my Mom’s shelf in middle school. The story follows a family who moves to Silverdale, Colorado, an idylic town where football reigns supreme and no store stocks junk food. It’s perfect. Too perfect. TarrenTech, a corporation with many aims, controls the town. Just outside town is Rocky Mountain High, a clinic ran by a doctor who isn’t above experimenting on the boys on the football team… they gotta win, after all. One of my favorite books; very well-written characters, medical stuff, and tragedy.

A Facade of Flesh: 13 Tales to Terrify by Nathaniel Lewis. I enjoy reading anthologies when I get home from night shift. Nice to read a whole story and then go to sleep. Some of the stories give Twilight Zone vibes. A man receives a black card that allows him to buy whatever he wants; the payments are Hell though. A man has never seen his wife’s real face under her mask; his best friend has but don’t ask him, he’s crazy.

And remember: if you enjoy the podcasts, please leave them a review. Read a book you like? Tell your friends and rate it online. Make an author’s day. Until next time!

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