The Diet Dark History & Horror Con

Before the Con, I spent a great week of vacation with the family. We rented a house in Tennessee on Lake Norris. I read four books, ate my body weight in chips, and got about 7 pages of work done on the second novel. But alas, all good things must come to an end; hence why I found myself waking up at 3:30 AM on Saturday morning. My wife, her brother, my twin nieces and I packed into the car and we were off to Champaign, Illinois to the Diet Dark History & Horror Con!

Brother-in-law: “I feel like is one of those stoner movies where I gotta get you to the Con on time.”

If anyone in Hollywood wants to explore that movie… hit me up.

He got me to the Con on time! At 10:45 AM, I skidded into the parking lot and by 11:05 AM, we were rolling.

Check out my booth! The great folks at Hellbound Books Publishing were kind enough to supply me with a banner!

There were a fair number of vendors at the Con, as well as authors, artists, actors, horror fiends, and the adoring general public. My first customer was one of the nurses I work with (of course, we only cross paths during codes upstairs but that’s where you really befriend a person, you know) and one of my fellow EM docs stopped by with his son (and his emotional support can of tuna) and wife. I sold a fair number of books and The Broken Heart did particularly well.

I got the coolest Midsommer print from the Artful Rabbit:

Didn’t end up checking out the Maximum Overdrive exhibit but just seeing the trailer was good enough for me.

What’s happening with Dr. Spooky?

Recently released was the episode of the We Bleed Orange and Black podcast I recently recorded. We talk childhood trauma and why I’m terrified of dolls, Halloween faves, and my book: The Broken Heart!

Listen here:

Coming up this month: Hellbound Books’ New Panic Room Radio Show, The Dark Mind podcast, and The Cutthroat Queens podcast.



Pre-order your copy here:

Stay Spooky!

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